Friday, August 8, 2008


The stars once guided the "pagans" and they believed that the angels were these stars of heaven. Now we have windows in to heaven and can see the stars and they guide and control our lives TVs. Who controls the media controls the world. Remember the off switch is in your hands not theirs.

TV and film stars, are the modern day idols that we worship, and that we aspire to be like. Be careful what you wish for. when you wish upon a star use this link  (see video at bottom of page for example of what is wished for) That's a charity which grants the wishes of terminally ill children who often wish to meet a famous star in person Jonny Depp  Thor and Loki Robin Williams

When robots take all our jobs and we have nothing left but to be entertained by each other..  YOU will be the future stars .. Already on Facebook people are beginning to star in their own timelines.

M42 the only star in heaven visible to the naked eye that isn't a star at all, may actually contain the answer to the meaning of life the universe and everything. 42

Stars like Keanu Reeves or Christopher Reeves  David Tennat :) 

                                                     Orion M42

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